Available by appointment on a limited schedule, Dr. Hilary and a veterinary assistant will provide any number of services to your pet in the comfort of your home.

Kuenzi Family Pet Hospital House CallsThis service is helpful for older pets who cannot make it into the clinic, clientele with transportation issues or reduced ability to travel to the clinic, nervous pets who may be more relaxed at home, or multiple pets for whom a home visit is more convenient.

We can provide many routine and non-routine services during a home visit, including:

  • annual exams
  • vaccinations
  • blood work
  • blood pressure
  • evaluation of minor health concerns (e.g. skin, ear, lameness)
  • hospice care
  • euthanasia

Due to equipment limitations, we are unable to perform surgery, x-rays or ultrasound via a house call, and cannot carry our entire pharmacy with us either. If we determine your pet requires additional diagnostics we cannot provide at home or medication, you may still need to visit our hospital.

We offer home euthanasia services for our current clients. For scheduling reasons, we are unable to accomodate all urgent euthanasia situations. We make every attempt to help or may direct you to another house call veterinarian who may be able to see you on shorter notice.

Please call Kuenzi Family Pet Hospital at (262) 547-9370 for more information about rates, distances we travel or services we provide. We love answering your questions!